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“Moorland Games” is an independent and creative video game development studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was founded by Paulius Jazauskas – Lithuanian game developer.

We are focused on bringing immerse gaming experience on mobile devices. Therefore as “Moorland Games” we develop video games for Android and iOS platforms.

Our studio is a bit exceptional, as we favor a collaborative creative process. Once we have a working prototype and concept art, “Moorland Games” may offer collaborations to various artists, developers or even other studios worldwide. In other words – we don’t see other game developers as rivals, we see them as possible partners.

We don’t see other game developers as rivals, we see them as possible partners

If you want to collaborate with us, or just want to say hi – drop us a message via [email protected].

Our story

Originally “Moorland Games” was founded back in 2014, and at that time it was called “Team Moorland”.

Back then we were focused on games for web. After spending several years experimenting, building our style, we came up with an arcade and role-playing genre game “Lure: The King’s Gold“. This game is available at Armor Games.

Now, we are fully re-branded as mobile game developers, and working on several new mobile games. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear the latest announcements about our new games.