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“Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery” is a seventh #mobilegamingfriday entry. Developed by Kiary Games, this game will transfer you to an empty and mysterious world.

Empty street

In this game, you are a private detective. After receiving a mysterious call for help from your father, you drive to the small town called Redcliff. It’s the town that your father lives in.

Along the way, the car has to be stopped because the road is blocked by a traffic-control barrier. To pull it up, you’ll have to find a way how to get inside of the control cabin and obtain the password needed to operate the barrier.

The traffic-control barrier is blocking the way

Unblocking the road is a nice way to introduce the game mechanics to the player. This task is like a quick tutorial because you’ll get some hints and it won’t be hard to complete.

Unfortunately, as soon as you reach your hometown you quickly notice that all the people are gone and the Redcliff is completely abandoned. You are left with no choices but to start searching for clues at your father’s house.

Your father’s house
Green room
On top of the building

So why is the city completely empty? Where have all the inhabitants gone? Where is your father? This is what you will have to find out. And you will do so by solving numerous puzzles, opening locks and exploring the village.

This game has classic puzzle mechanics combined with some elements of an escape room. Video trailer down below.

This game is available at Play Store.

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Paulius Jazauskas

Paulius Jazauskas is an aspiring video game developer and founder of an indie game development studio "Moorland Games". Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.