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“Lure: The King’s Gold” was developed by “Moorland Games” and was sponsored by “Armor Games“.

“Lure: The King’s Gold” is a medieval adventure/arcade video game. It has a campaign mode that will let the player enjoy the tragic story of an old man who was forced to be a cannon fodder by the greedy king.

The protagonist of this game is a reference to an average human being that doesn’t ask much and just wants to live a peaceful life. However, not everything goes as you may want in your life…

Video trailer:

The main campaign starts with a happy old man preparing to go fishing. Abruptly there’s a knock to the door. Once the door is opened the man sees a royal messenger at the doorstep, he demands the old man to go with him to the king’s castle, and so the story begins.

After meeting with the king, the mission is clear. King Lothus orders the old man to act as bait – run around the enemy’s castle so that they would target him, while the king’s army takes over the castle.

King’s daughter, a young princess, promises to marry the old man on one condition – if he comes back alive. But will she keep her promise? find out by playing “Lure: The King’s Gold” on Armor Games.

Some characters that can be met in “Lure: The King’s Gold” down below:

Overall, this game received some good reviews and it has a small community of fans.

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