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“The Trip” is the fifth #mobilegamingfriday entry. This game caught my attention as it has very simple and aesthetic graphics. “The Trip” has a simple concept – “Don’t drive under the influence of psychedelic substances”.

Colourful moment

This game was created by Brazilian developer Henry Gosuen. And it was inspired by Antonio Vicentini’s video “The Trip”.

The idea of this video is that the owner of Volkswagen Kombi is driving after taking some psychedelic drugs. Moments later the driver starts hallucinating, he sees some flying diamonds, bouncing eyeballs, nude figures and one eyed monsters peeking from the forest. This is probably one of the cooler things you would want to experience, however as the saying goes – “kids, don’t drive under the influence”.

“The Trip” by Antonio Videntini

“The Trip” is a very simple side-scrolling game, where you have to avoid other buses. But there’s a big difference compared to a classic side-scrolling game – this game has no powerups. It’s quite the opposite, if you collect something that you think is a powerup – it will actually make your gameplay even harder. It shows you how difficult it is not to collect a shiny diamond or a magic mushroom. And it goes hand in hand with the concept mentioned above.

There’s a big difference compared to a classic side-scrolling game – this game has no powerups.

Some screenshots from the game down below.

Moments from “The Trip”

“The Trip” features a lovely soundtrack which I enjoyed a lot. Game sounds are also very well made. Music and sounds were composed by Henry Gosuen with the help of Ben Hantoot.

Another aspect worth mentioning, is that this game was created as a gift, it contains no ads or in app purchases, it’s free to play. “The Trip” is available only for android phones on Play Store.

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Paulius Jazauskas

Paulius Jazauskas is an aspiring video game developer and founder of an indie game development studio "Moorland Games". Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.