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With our sixth #mobilegamingfriday entry, we are going to take you to the world of obscurity. You’ll get to explore a strange, fantastic and mystic space. “Evil Cogs” is an artsy game, developed by Wet Fish Games.

“Evil Cogs” dark caves

In this game will have to control a small beam of light that is trapped in the abyssal darkness. In order to stay alive, you will have to avoid various traps and gargantuan engines.

However, even in deep darkness some light still exists, you may find other beams of light that you can collect to make yourself stronger.

Try to survive
Light beams inside a cave

“Evil Cogs” has a fantastic diversity in dark music and graphics which fits perfectly with the game. Once you get used to this dark chain of caves – it will feel like a whole new world to explore!

Official trailer in the video below.

This game is available for free at PlayStore and will cost 2$ at AppStore.

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Paulius Jazauskas

Paulius Jazauskas is an aspiring video game developer and founder of an indie game development studio "Moorland Games". Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.